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Power comes from motors and it changes life and gears society towards mechanization and automation. Zibo Chuanqiang Motor Co., Ltd is a reliable provider of standard electric motors and custom-designed motors. With a wealth of 14-year experience and modern manufacturing facilities, the company is able to develop and produce high quality industrial motors continuously and gains good reputation in the industry. Our PMDC motors can be found in some of the most demanding and critical projects and machines. That's why thousands of people and industries count on Chuangqiang for high quality and reliability motors. Read More

    1. Permanent Magnet DC Motor 1. Compact structure, easy installation and high reliability.
      2. Small volume, light weight and large power.
      3. Low noise and eco-friendly
    1. Permanent Magnet DC Gear Motor The permanent magnet DC gear motor is composed of two parts, permanent magnet DC motor and gear reducer. It is widely applied in machinery, chemical engineering, papermaking, automotive and printing, aircraft and seafaring industry.

1. Product Recommendation
According to technical parameters provided by the company, we recommend the most suitable motor.

2. Customized Service
If the existing products fail to meet your demands, we have the manufacture capability to design and develop the unique motor based on the data and customer’s specific requirement.